If you have completed a CBC/Radio-Canada freelance contract (freelance contributor, freelance specific services, technical freelancer) in the past 12 months, you can claim your membership in the CBC/Radio-Canada Freelance Branch of the Canadian Media Guild, Local 30213 of CWA Canada.

As soon as you are hired to work for an employer where the Canadian Media Guild is the bargaining agent, you’re automatically covered by the CMG collective agreement (English) (French). That means all the benefits negotiated by the union over the years are passed on to you.

Labour law requires you to pay union dues, and you may have seen these deducted from your CBC/Radio-Canada pay stub. However, you aren’t a member in good standing until you’ve signed a membership card.

Signing a card helps us connect with you if we have something to offer you, like new benefits or help in times of work stoppage. It also means you have the right to vote in Guild elections, run for elected office, attend conventions and have a say in the union. It also allows you to show you’re a proud union member!

To sign your membership card, please fill in this form and you will receive your card in the mail.

When you get to the drop-down menu for employer, select Freelance – CBC/Radio Canada. You don’t need to fill out the Employee Number or Department Fields.

If you are a freelancer who has not contributed to CBC/Radio-Canada in the past 12 months but are still looking to join a union, please consider joining The Canadian Freelance Guild


Insecure work is today’s reality…

Creative unionism is the antidote.

The Canadian Media Guild‘s  membership for CBC/Radio-Canada freelancers is designed to help fill the growing gaps in social security and workforce supports that are hallmarks of today’s harsh economy. We’ve sought and designed innovative resources and programs for self-employed people who do media, communications, IT, creative, cultural, community and knowledge work  – in recognition of the growing interconnections between these fields of work.

We at CMG are confident that as freelancers increase in number, we can dramatically increase our clout and solidarity if we pool our resources and join together constructively.

Why Membership?

Membership with CMG opens the door to collaborative and ever-growing networks of quality communications, artistic and scholarly work, across multiple areas of expertise and talent. It also opens access to ongoing education and training, expert help in negotiating contracts, resources to help build your freelance portfolio and livelihood, as well as affordable health, dental and insurance options for you and your family.

We’ve built a whole new space for freelancers. We invite you to come inside, take advantage and help us build more, together.

CMG’s commitment to equity & accessibility.

At CMG, we value and strive to promote solidarity and equity as much as possible. As a union, we are mandated to prioritize and forward human rights, equity, accessibility and accommodations for all our members. Read more.