CMG Freelance is the Branch or section of the local (The Canadian Media Guild) that ensures direct political representation for freelance members. The Freelance Branch has a democratically elected executive of freelance members who work together to provide leadership and contribute expertise to support freelance members, as well as ensure freelancers enjoy space and consideration within the wider operations of the Guild.

Find out who is on the Freelance Branch Executive below. 

History of CMG’s Freelance Branch 

For 20 years, CMG has represented freelancers who contribute their works and talents to CBC/Radio Canada under Article 30 of the long-standing collective agreement between CMG and the public broadcaster. This inclusion of self-employed workers into an employee-based labour agreement is an anomaly in Canadian labour law, and is an exceptional case for a labour union.

The Freelance Branch and CMG staff have consistently worked to improve conditions for freelancers (minimum rates, predictable payment cycles, contract language and more) and garner respect for their contributions from peers and engagers. CMG has made crucial gains on intellectual property ownership and licensing issues amid the ever-expanding publishing and re-use platforms for produced works.

CMGs track record backing freelancers is unmatched. With this solid foundation we are inviting freelancers who work in all types of media to join us today.

CMG Freelance Branch Executive

The CMG Freelance Branch is lead by an Executive team of freelancers elected to advance the interests of freelance members of the Canadian Media Guild. We also provide expertise on labour, industry and professional matters of concern to freelancers.

Executive members regularly consult and communicate with freelance members and interested non-members. We are available to discuss questions, suggestions, concerns and needs.

Feel free to contact us at anytime at!

Don Genova

Vice President
George Butters

Scott Edmonds

Representative – Western Canada
Paolo Pietropaolo

Representative – Ottawa area
JP Davidson

Representative – Toronto area
Alison Motluk

Representative – Atlantic Canada 
Gerry Whelan

Story Board Editor: Rachel Sanders
Rachel Sanders