As freelancers, we get it. We know we do work… a lot of it.

And many of us have picked up quite an array of skills, with expertise in multiple fields and hands in many projects, all at one time.

But too many non-freelancers we meet haven’t got a clue what we do for a living. If they are aware of our passions, they don’t also know that these demand practice and hard work… work that’s just as real as “regular jobs,” work that’s productive, professional, adds value, solves problems, makes contributions and is worth just as much recognition.

I created the “We do work” series to make all the work we do visible to non-freelancers and freelancers alike. These postcards are here for everyone to download, circulate electronically or print.

Share them with family and friends to get your point across. Send to a freelancer colleague as a celebration of the their work as well as your own.

And if you find your work does not appear in these images, send us your gig description, and we’ll make a postcard just for you.

Yours in solidarity,