The Canadian Media Guild supports fundamental principles and practices of human rights, equity, press freedom, freedom of information, freedom of assembly as well as workers’ rights to decent work, health and safety, non-discrimination and respect in the workplace.

We ally with like-minded groups and campaigns, and support others in their vigilance for equity, social justice and democratic freedoms.

CJFE logo

Canadian Journalists for Free Expression

CMG is supporting the campaign by CJFE and Al Jazeera English for the release of Canadian journalist Mohamed Fahmy and his colleagues Peter Greste, and Baher Mohamed imprisoned in Egypt since December 2013 for doing their work.

CJFE – Take Action for Mohamed Fahmy and other journalists detained in Egypt.

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Workers Action Centre  (Ontario)

The Workers Action Centre campaigns for fair employment, workers health and safety and essential rights for employees, including getting paid for work done!

Workers’ Rights Information Line - Call 416-531-0778 for support in Spanish, Tamil and English.

Link here to support the campaign for a fair minimum wage.