Advocating for Life, Health and Safety for Factual TV Workers

People who work in Factual Television (aka Unscripted TV, aka Reality TV) know what it’s like to face the super-fast, multi-skilled, sleep-deprived, just-in-time world of freelance TV production: it’s scary. The levels of insecurity – both on the job and on the precarious drive home – are alarming, and the Canadian Media Guild has been gathering the facts and taking it to those in charge.

Learn more about our campaign at the links below. To find out how you can get support, and get organized, contact CMG Staff Rep and Organizer Karen Wirsig

CBC Radio “Q”, 2014-03-06

Factual TV crews face real, day-to-day danger:   Piya Chattopadhyay interviews John Driftmier and Karen Wirsig

The Story Board, 2014-02-28

Tragic death of camera assistant in Georgia highlights on-set safety issues, by John Driftmier