The Story Board is an initiative of the Canadian Media Guild and the Canadian Writers Group to create an online community for independent journalists and media freelancers from across Canada.

The CMG and the CWG allied in 2010 to advance the interests of freelancers who provide content to Canadian media organizations. CWG is an agency that represents individual writers in contract negotiations with publishers and works to expand the writers’ client base. The alliance is also backed by CWA/SCA Canada.

The alliance advocates for all freelancers in issues such as rates, copyright, and digital and re-use rights.

Interested in helping secure a better deal for the future? Join CMG Freelance and add your voice and expertise to those of colleagues across the country in the struggle for better pay and increased control over how your work, and your name, are used. Go here to join.

The Story Board is edited by Vancouver writer and freelance broadcaster Rachel Sanders. You can contact her with comments and suggestions at